Browse Inside Da Vinci to discover Leonardo and his secrets! original multimedia products will let you look closely at the genius of Leonardo in an innovative way.

The Codex Atlanticus becomes easily available on mobile and the web will give new emotions: the twenty-four exhibitions on the famous drawings that, up to 2015, will be staged at Biblioteca Ambrosiana and in Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan will remain “forever” in the limelight.

The project, promoted by Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, has been developed by De Agostini Publisher and Alphabeti.

The Secrets of Leonardo

The Secrets of Leonardo is the first on-line virtual path through the exhibitions of the “Codex Atlanticus” and the treasures of Biblioteca Ambrosiana. The project, promoted by Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana and edited by De Agostini Publisher, has been implemented by Alphabeti.

For the very first time all the exhibitions dedicated to Leonardo’s Codex Atlanticus will be re-presented. An absolutely unusual Ambrosiana which shows rarities normally unreachable and which displays all the Gallery’s masterpieces together into a new ad-hoc layout!... Discover the Application!

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Da Vinci's Codex

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The Ultimate Codex Experience, a collaborative project between De Agostini Publisher and Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, makes Codex Atlanticus easily available on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad!

Take a genuine tour among the pages of one of the most important manuscripts of the history: you’ll be able to observe in great details the high-definition drawings.

Read Leonardo’s writing with the innovative "mirror" instrument, and find out animations, games and more!... Discover the App!

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