The Secrets of Leonardo

“To maintain alive a complex and integrated institution as the Ambrosiana doesn’t mean only to tidy up the rooms of the gallery or the shelves of the library. Nowadays the quest for Beauty and Truth is essential to improve both individual and social life, so it’s necessary to make available for as many people as possible the cultural heritages (manuscripts, books, drawings and paintings), which had nourished and conveyed from age to age that philosophical research.”

Don Francesco Braschi
Responsible of Ambrosiana Library

I Segreti di Leonardo
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Discover the exhibitions on the Atlantic Codex and all Ambrosiana’s treasures.

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The project

This ambitious project matches the original idea of Federico Borromeo, who in 1609 founded the Ambrosiana Library in Milan. It has been realised with a large number of languages, which allow to break down space and time barriers, offering an absolutely unique interactive and multimedia virtual journey: “The Secret of Leonardo. A journey through the virtual and secret Ambrosiana”.

I Segreti di Leonardo

The Secrets of Leonardo is the innovative project that for the very first time re-present all the exhibitions dedicated to the most famed collection of drawings, the Codex Atlanticus.

Thanks to the new technologies, the twenty-four exhibits that, up to 2015, will be staged at Biblioteca Ambrosiana and in Bramante Room of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan will remain “forever” in the limelight. The I'mVR® (Interactive Multimedia Virtual Reality) format will preserve the genuine emotion of all the exhibitions.

By means of photographic virtual reality, every single exhibit will be re-presented in its original set-up, so the visitors could relive on-line the actual atmosphere of the ancient rooms of the show. At the same time, the public could get close to the showcases: there they’ll be provided with very high-quality photos of each sheet and their related information. Moreover, an audio comment will help to understand the complexity of Leonardo’s drawing.

The magic doesn’t end here. Web-users will be able to admire all the treasures of the Ambrosiana Picture Gallery and Library. A specifically designed set-up will show together all the picture masterpieces, that are actually displayed in different rooms of the gallery: Basket of Fruit by Caravaggio (c. 1599), Mary Magdalene painted by Titian or his workshop (1525-1549), the copy of Giorgione’s Portrait of a Young Boy (c. 1520), Allegories by Brueghel and the preparatory cartoon for the School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio (1510). Moreover, the visit offers the public some evocative reading in the 17th century Hall of the Roses which, for this occasion, hosts the ancient Ilias Picta, Petrarch’s Virgil, the Letters by Lucrezia Borgia and many manuscripts in Arabic, Chinese and Japanese language.

Every masterpiece is added with info-sheets and audio-guide; the I'mVR® format allows to observe any details of each work of art.

Furthermore this virtual itinerary leads the visitor to discover places that are actually inaccessible, as the Forum of the Ancient Mediolanum, discovered by archaeologists under Ambrosiana’s rooms and which restauration is still in progress.